City Coast Motorcycles prides itself on supporting local dirt bike riders; from Juniors to A-Grade to Vets – real people taking Yamaha and our love of racing motocross and enduro throughout NSW and the nation.

Calib Best #392

Calib Best

“I’m 26 and started riding dirt bikes at age three. It soon took over my life. I ride a YZ250 2-stroke, a YZ450F and race in the Pro Opens/MX1 class. I’m a carpenter by trade, spending my week days working hard and play Oztag for a bit of fun. 2018 was a good year for me: I won the Opens and came 2nd in Lites classes at the Nowra pointscore, I finished 3rd in the Opens class and 2nd in the Lites class in the Interclub Challenge, I was 18th overeall in MX1 at the Nationals, then to finish off the year I also won my 250 class and came 2nd in the 500 class at the Mt Kembla 2-Stroke Cup, with 5th in the main event. In 2019 I’ll be racing the Opens class once again but will also ride the Lites class at different events. A big thank you to all the team at City Coast Motorcycles for their ongoing support.”

Calib Best
Image by Noel Downey

Luke Brodie #33

Luke Brodie

“Hi my name’s Luke, I’m 29 years old and ride a YZ450F. I started riding at the age of four and whilst I have always had a bike I only started racing motocross in 2015. I love how physically and mentally tough the sport is but most of all love having fun at the track with mates. In 2018 I finished 2nd overall in the Clubman Open Class of the Wollongong Motorcycle Club Championship and am hoping to improve in 2019. I’m stoked to have the support of City Coast Motorcycles and looking forward to a fun and enjoyable year racing at different local clubs.”

Luke Brodie

Justin Bush #74

Justin Bush MX Team

AKA Bushy or Bushwakt
“I started out riding dirtbikes on a Yamaha PW50 in 1980 and haven’t stopped. I’ve been involved with FMX in Australia from freelance writing articles for a few different magazines  to commentating FMX demos  and competitions. I’m a bit of a clown that needs to grow up, but never will. I am what I am and I respect those that respect others. Dirtbikes have made me meet so many good people and have taken us on travels all over the world. I’m lucky to work around bikes all day long and it’s something that I’m so stoked my old man bought me that PW50 way back… #2BANGERS4LIFE.”

Justin Bush

Jake Cobbin #68

Jake Cobbin MX Team City Coast Motorcycles

“I’m 18 years of age and started riding motorbikes at age three, when my parents bought me your typical first bike, a pee wee 50. I’ve bled blue ever since and currently ride a Yamaha YZ250 2 stroke which I race in the MXD class at MX nationals as well as a YZ450F in Pro open. I’m currently a full time 3rd year apprentice carpenter which I enjoy and try to make time to train whenever I can. 2018 was an up and down year with some good results such as 2nd overall in Pro open for the East Coast MX series, some solid results at the MX Nationals against a stacked field and 3rd place in the Mt Kembla 2-Stroke Cup feature race. I recently won the overall in A-grade Open at Coffs Harbour Stadium Cross. My goals for 2019 are to be fit, healthy, get up front, have a real go and just to never give up and try my best.” 

Jake Cobbin MX Team City Coast Motorcycles

Luke Dickson #10

Luke Dickson MX Team City Coast Motorcycles

“Hi, I’m Luke and I’m 18 years old. I only became involved in motocross less than five years ago but it quickly became my passion and I spend nearly all my free time riding.  I started racing three years ago at aged 15. I finished in 2nd place in the Junior Lites at Kembla in 2017 and 2nd place in the Senior Lites Clubman at Nowra in 2018. I placed 2nd in the Clubman Lights Interclub Series last year. This year I’ll be racing my new 2020 Yamaha YZ250F (which I just purchased from City Coast Motorcycles) in local club rounds at Kembla, Nowra, Appin and Amcross. My goals for 2020 are to continue improving my skills and technique, try my best and to work my way towards the front of the pack with consistent results. In my spare time, I also love wakeboarding and surfing. Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the City Coast Motorcycles Race Team – looking forward to a successful and fun year.”

Luke Dickson MX Team City Coast Motorcycles
Image by Shock Images

Jason Flanagan #22

Jason Flanagan MX team

“In the beginning I started riding and racing at four years old (a PW50). My brother and I were lucky enough to have a hard working dad who put everything into our racing. We raced club championships, interclub, states and nationals as juniors and traveled the whole east coast of Australia. My goal for 2020 is to race as many club rounds as possible coming off a big injury, 2-Stroke Cup, some VMX races and the VMX Australian Titles. This is only possible with a great team and crew behind me, City Coast Motorcycles and my family.”

Keiron Hall #144

Keiron Hall MX Team City Coast Motorcycles

“Keiron Hall’s the name, riding bikes and movin’ dirts my game. I am 26 years young and I have been riding since I was four years-old and have been ever since. Between that and running my own business, training and finding time for doing everything else I love, life’s pretty hectic but I love it!”

Keiron Hall MX Team City Coast Motorcycles
Image by Shock Images

Darcy Huston #205

Darcy Huston MX Team City Coast Motorcycles

I’m seven years-old and started riding when I was three after watching my big brother at the track. I love dirtbikes and all the fun that it brings. I’m looking forward to my first full year of racing on the 65cc and hopefully getting on that podium!”

Image by Matt Bernard Photography

Toby Huston #206

Toby Huston MX TEam City Coast Motorcycles

“I’m 10 years old and I started riding when I was three on a TTR-50. Dirtbikes are my passion and I love every moment of riding. I train every week to excel on my riding ability. My hopes are to win an Aussie title and to one day eventually travel overseas to represent Australia at MXON.  I have made so many new friends through racing and looking forward to the years ahead.”

Image by Matt Bernard Photograpy

Mitch Jackson #212

Mitch Jackson MX Team City Coast Motorcycles

“I am nine years-old and received my first dirtbike at age three. The majority of my life is spent on two wheels: BMX, MTB or moto… MX, SX or ramps… I just love to ride. Its’ awesome to have the support from the Team at City Coast Motorcycles for 2019. I will be focusing on the East Coast MX series and also racing selected rounds of Dirt-x and Oakdale club events. I’ll be racing in both the 65cc and 85cc classes this year and my favorite bike is my Yamaha YZ85. I have met so many great friends at the races from all over Australia. I’m very grateful for the opportunities I have had. Pumped to be a part of the team. Bring on season 2019. Keep your eye on the #212. Lets see what I can do.”

Mitch Jackson - City Coast Motorcycles
Image by Blitzed Images

Corey James #88

Corey James

“2015 was a good year for me, a few up and down moments but ending with some great results. I placed 1st in the East Coast series and taking out the home race at Mount Kembla was a great finish to the series. I also placed 3rd at Round 2 of the State Titles behind Matt Moss and Lawson Bopping which was a great achievement. It was unlucky I was out for Round 1 with a thumb injury. In 2016 I won the first ever 2-stroke Cup, which was held at Mt Kembla. Thank you everyone for the support.”

Corey James

Jay Lamb #511

Jay Lamb MX Team City Coast Motorcycles

”I’m 22 years old from Scotland. Me and my girlfriend decided to take my racing to the next level and follow my child hood dream of racing the best in Australia. So we came over here with just a suitcase each and took 2019 getting all set up and back on the bike by the end of the year. My plans for the 2020 season is to race the MX Nationals / Manjimup 15000 / King of MX / and most of the local races. I would also love to have a go at the Supercross season out here if the opportunity is there. All this is possible thank to the whole City Coast Motorcycles shop; they have taken me in and taken a chance on me so I am very thankful for that and hopefully I can get some good results for the team.”

Jay Lamb City Coast Motorcycles
Image by Brad Kaye

Jordy Maindonald #34

Jordy Maindonald City Coast Motorcycles

“Hi everyone. I’m15 years-old and for 2019 I will be competing in the Junior Lites 125cc & 250cc classes on board my Yamaha YZ125 & YZ250F. I will be racing mostly local club rounds and the Dirtaction Amcross series. I’m hoping for a fun season and to keep my results inside the top ten. I am stoked to be a part of the City Coast MX Team again and I cant thank the crew at City Coast Motorcycles enough for their support, as always. If you see me around come say g’day.”

Jordy Maindonald MX Team City Coast Motorcycles

Mark Merlo #37

Mark Merlo

“I’m 28, living in Wollongong and currently racing a YZ450F and YZ250 two-stroke. I work as a diesel mechanic for a local construction company. I have been riding dirt bikes since I was 14 and love every minute of it. This year I want to be consistent with my riding and show more positive results at the front of the pack. I will be doing the Transmoto 12 hour and a few other Transmoto events
and racing in the WMCC Championship. I’m always up for anything fun: Jetski, fishing, surfing and always playing around at my buddy’s FMX compound. Big thanks to Tim, Jane and the rest of the team at City Coast Motorcycles and everyone else for their continued support.”

Mark Merlo
Image by Noel Downey

Brock Ninness #47

Brock Ninness MX Team City Coast Motorcycles

“Hey I’m Brock, I’m 16 years old and racing motocross in the MXD class on the MX Nationals series for the 2020 season. I started riding motocross at the age of four and began racing straight away. My achievements in 2019 were two championships at Mt Kembla club level, 15yrs 125 class East Coast MX Champion, two Top 3 finishes at State title level, and multiple junior national podium finishes. This year I am planning to be competing in the second-half of the MX Nationals series once I have recovered from an injury, as well as the East Coast and State titles – all with the support of City Coast Motorcycles. I thank them for their ongoing support and look forward to this year and beyond!”

Brock Ninness Team City Coast Motorcycles
Image by Grahame Logg

Jake Nugent #619

Jake Nugent

“My name’s Jake and I race over 35A in the Wollongong Motorcycle Club points. I’ve been riding since the age of five. Originally from Queensland, I did all of my racing as a junior and senior in central Queensland. In 2012 I moved to Wollongong for my job as an Electrician and in 2013 won the over 35A points in the Mount Kembla MX series. I had a bad accident at the end of 2013 which made me miss a year of riding. I returned in 2015 and have since won the 35A club championship four years in a row. I will once again be on a YZ450 racing at Mount Kembla with help from City Coast Motorcycles.  Come and say hello if you see me around the pits.”

Jake Nugent MX Team
Image by Col Nelson

Timothy Sim #40

Timothy Sim MX Team

“My Dad and uncle competed on the international road circuit and I have been around bikes since I was born. I got my first bike – an Ital Jet – at age three. Growing up I raced for 12 years including A-Grade motocross and Supercross. Nowadays I like to mix it up between riding my YZ125 and mountain biking. I’m looking forward to racing at my home track, Mount Kembla this season.”

Timothy Sim MX Team

Liam Williams #196

Liam Williams

“I’m 23 years young and dirtbikes are my happy place. Whether I’m racing, coaching, riding FMX or free-riding I’m always smiling and having fun! When I’m not riding I’m working 5/6 days a week operating heavy machinery in construction, 2018 was a pretty down year for me being hurt and having surgery that put me out majority of the season but was lucky enough to ride some FMX at the Mt Kembla 2 Stroke Cup later in the year to get me back on the bike. For 2019 I’m hoping to stay healthy, in one piece and really focusing on my coaching as well as racing some local rounds of MX, Transmoto events and practicing speedway.  if you see me at the track come say g’day. Big thanks to the Team at City Coast Motorcycles for the ongoing support.”

Liam Williams MX Team City Coast Motorcycles

Jack Woodward #22

Jacko Woodward profile MX Team City Coast Motorcycle

“I have been riding since my fourth birthday, when I got a PW50. When I turned six I started competing at Wollongong Motorcycle Club on my TT-R50 which I got for my birthday. I train with my dad at home or at the Mt Kembla track. In 2018 I was very lucky to receive a brand new YZ65 for my seventh birthday, and in 2019 I will be stepping up to the 65cc 7- 9 years class at WMCC. My idols are Chad Reed and Robbie Maddison, and I have been able to meet both of these awesome riders who have inspired me to ride faster and better. My goal is to be Number One in the Supercross. Hold it flat! Braaappp!”

Jacko Woodward MX Team City Coast Motorcycles