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Pat Bowden

Pat Bowden Profile

“At just three-and-a-half years old I was given a Honda QR50 and in just six months I was well into the competitive swing of club motocross and the dream of chasing glory as a famous dirt bike rider. I went on to win multiple club championships and progressed through to racing A-grade in the 125/250 classes but it was FMX that really caught my attention. At 15, I made the move to Sydney to begin an apprenticeship and also follow my dream of making it at as a professional FMX rider. I partnered with mentors such as Jacko Strong and learned the dreaded back flip and the other gnarly combinations that follow. This opened up doors to the rest of the world. I entered his first ever FMX contest at age 17, placing second against other top tier Australian riders with far more experience. From here, event management companies from around the world were inviting me to ride at their live demonstrations.  I didn’t see these opportunities as a chance for a holiday but as a chance to cement a position within the highly skilled FMX industry.”

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Cory Bozzola

Cory Bozzola

“I’m 24 years old and have been riding since I was three. My first bike was a PW50 and I’ve been hooked ever since. I started riding freestyle consistently in 2013 on a YZ250. I got the chance to ride in the Camp Quality Convoy for Kids which was a great opportunity. I look forward to seeing where FMX can continue to take me and all the new people that I will meet along the way.”

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Joel Brown

Joel Brown Profile

“I began riding a PW50 when I was four – into the back of the family home as kids do, ha ha! I raced as a junior at my local club: MX and dirt track through to senior, taking 2nd at the Vic dirt titles and making the finals at the Aust. dirt and long track titles. I was 15/16 when the Crusty FMX thing came about. I’d cut my race bike down, change tyres and suspension and head to the hills with friends trying tricks, switching my bike back to dirt track the night before race day. I became focused on freestyle. In 2013 I won the Aust. FMX Championships and the Trans-Tasman battle on Norfolk Island. I’ve represented Australia at the Freestyle of Nations in Germany and am the first Aussie to jump a stunt plane. My career has had its ups and downs, but I wouldn’t change it for the world: Meeting my childhood heroes, getting paid to travel and ride, representing great companies and hopefully inspiring kids to chase their dreams. 2016 saw a change of pace, traveling to China to ride at the Binhai aircraft carrier theme park with the ARD team. I was there for 5½ months doing two shows, six days a week. It was a great experience with a great group of guys and new friendships. The places my YZ250 has taken me is still a shock but I’m glad I get to live the life I do with the help from City Coast Motorcycles.”
“There Is No Fate But What We Make For Ourselves”

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James Martin

James Martin FMX Team City Coast Motorcycles

“I’m 20 years old and have been riding freestyle for about two-and-a-half years. When I started off it was just for the fun of it and I didn’t think it would go anywhere. But I have gotten to meet and ride with some of the best riders in Australia. Definitely the best experience is the City Coast Motorcycles Yatcon Civil FMX Jam at Illawarra Convoy.”

James Martin FMX Team City Coast Motorcycles

Dylon Mcdonald

Dylon Mcdonald Profile

“Hey guys, I’m Dylon McDonald from the South Coast and I ride freestyle motocross. Freestyle for me is an expression of what I love to do; it’s flying through the air, letting go and floating above your bike! I have been fortunate enough to ride in China for six months with Freestyle Kings as well as at Convoy for Kids! These would be a highlight for me and my career in freestyle, but no matter where this sport takes me as long as I’m on my bike I’m happy!”

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Chucky Norris

Chucky FMX profile

“Hey I’m Michael Chucky Norris and I ride dirt bikes for a living. One of the most fortunate things about being a professional FMX rider is travelling around the globe seeing amazing places.  Some of my FMX career highlights have been: First place in both rounds of the FMX Nationals in 2007, taking the gold at the World Extreme Games in 2014, being a rider on the Crusty Demons live shows and being a part of the Nitro Circus tours. If you ever see me at an event make sure you come say, hi.” 

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Scott Perry

Scott Perry profile

“Hey guys, my name’s Scott Perry, I’m 25 and I’m from Newcastle NSW. I started riding a lot later than most people getting a YZ80 at the age of 14 and then a YZ250F at 19. I’ve been riding FMX for about four years now and love it. I’m fortunate enough to ride with Chucky Norris on the regular which has helped my riding a lot! Whether I’m on a demo or just seshing at the local spot I love hanging off my bike and can’t get enough of the feeling of progression and expression!”

Ben Richards

Ben Richards Profile

“I started riding an old JR50 when I was four. I was lucky we moved out of town to a place near Truman Carroll’s. I got inspired to start jumping after watching Truman through the fence for a few years. After wrecking three peewee’s from jumping I finally got a real bike, a KX65. After lots of practice I have moved on to a YZ85 and started learning some tricks. This year I have ticked off a couple of my goals including landing the backflip and riding at the Camp Quality Convoy FMX Jam was also a highlight! I just like having fun riding my dirt bike.”

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Tom Richards

Tom Richard Profile

“I started riding a JR50 when I was nearly four. I’m 14 years old and started riding freestyle six years ago after getting a KX65. I now ride a YZ85 and jump 60 feet. My highlights so far have been riding the Lockhart Show and the past two Camp Quality Convoy FMX Jams, with some of the best riders in Australia. I’m very fortunate to live near Truman Carroll’s compound and Truman, Rob Adelberg and Jacko Strong have been a great help in lots of ways. I’ve met lots of great people through riding dirt bikes and really enjoy it.”

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Tom Robinson

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“I’m 24-years-old and have been doing freestyle for eight years. I started riding on a PW80 that I got for my eighth birthday. I loved jumping straight away, which was evident to my parents after I snapped the swing arm off the PeeWee. Ever since then I’ve been hooked on riding. A few of my career highlights would be winning the “Mosh On Dirt Contest in Japan, competing at the Red Bull X Fighters in Madrid and landing my world’s first body varial during my run and winning the Bronze medal at X-Pilots in Tijuana . My plans for the future with the help of City Coast Motorcycles are to keep progressing with my riding and most importantly to have fun!” 

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