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The City Coast RAT Pack was founded in 1999 and has had five leaders: Justin, Ross, Detlef, Steve and Paul.

“RAT” means "Riders Association of Triumph" and not "Rides A Triumph" as many think.

You are automatically registered as a RAT member when you buy a new Triumph, however the City Coast RAT Pack is open to anyone who rides a motorcycle, scooter or has an interest in motorcycling.  It does not matter which brand you own, you can still be a member. Should you not own a motorcycle and would like to go for a ride then come and enjoy the ride as a pillion.

Membership exists for those who enjoy the company of like-minded individuals and riding experiences that stimulate the senses: brilliant roads, stunning scenery and great atmosphere. City Coast RAT welcomes all riders, male and female, of all ages and abilities.

RAT Packs are about socialising and anything to do with motorcycles.  There are regular short and long distance ride days as well as rallies held year-round. City Coast RAT Pack does not have meetings, it has a Pack Leader - currently Paul Janson - whose job it is to listen to suggestions for rides, outings and activities and ensure members receive an e-mail inviting them along. 

Interestingly, most RAT packers are also a member of another motorcycle social club such as Ulysses, Triumph Register, Rats Cafe,, British Bike Club, Southern Pride etc, or people who ride regularly with a couple of friends. There’s nothing better than to see 20+ Triumph motorcycles outside a cafe!  On rides road rules are obeyed.

The City Coast RAT Pack receives a discount on products from City Coast Motorcycles. City Coast RAT Pack t-shirts and RAT merchandise are available for purchase from City Coast Motorcycles.

There is online interaction through Facebook:

To get in touch with the City Coast RAT Pack or to join the mailing list email:





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